Natural Way To Increase Stamina

In this fast moving world, with the enhancement of technology, people are becoming more of gadget freak; totally unaware of the fact that more and more use of gadgets and sedentary lifestyle creates a bad effect on your sex life and fertility. This is also one of the major reasons these days for poor sex drive and low stamina.

Natural Way To Increase Stamina

Natural Way To Increase Stamina

To get over these issues and increase your endurance it is necessary to follow certain tips. Various medications and treatments do give effective results but they do not last long. To have long lasting results it is better to go for natural ways for boosting stamina during sex and have a pleasurable time.

Here is a small discussion on few natural ways that you can opt for to have increased energy and stamina, which in return give you a feeling of satisfaction.

Natural Tips To Increase Stamina:

1. Have Proper Food
You might be known to this that eating at regular intervals say every 3-4 hours helps to maintain your blood sugar level. This in turn manages the energy level. But food with high quantity of sugar may do the opposite of this. So it is better to avoid foods like cakes, pastries and sodas. These foods badly affect the sugar levels in your body causing them to spike and then crash, thus bringing down your energy level. To avoid this it is essential to stay hydrated, mostly during high activity; as low amount of water in your body tends to lower energy and stamina levels. Also include food items, which can help in increased blood circulation to the penile junction.

2. Consume as many Herbs as possible
Surprising but true, herbs have proved to increase alertness and circulation, thereby increasing the stamina. They have also been effective in elevating mood and have an improvised effect on blood flow to the muscles. Herbs like Ginseng and guarana work as stimulants by boosting energy levels and fighting fatigue. Other herbs like Gingko and ginger are responsible for improved blood flow and circulation. All this improves you performance and metabolism also. But here is a small note: you need to first consult your doctor if you are suffering from any medical condition.

3. Have Combined strength and cardio days
Your heart becomes more and stronger with every workout session. This is because workout has a huge impact on your cardiovascular system. It is best to have a workout routine wherein there is a combination of strength training and cardio. People usually have one day of cardio and one day of workout, but the new trend is to have a combination of both every day. The best forms of such exercises are squats. Rope jump, overhead press and lastly sit ups.

4. Cut down the amount of rest
Most men have about 30seconds to 1 minute recovery time in between set of exercise, but this does not work for improving your endurance. Get known habitual to 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 sit-ups. Have at least 2 or maximum 3 sets of these series back to back, avoiding breaks. The trick is to strengthen the groin, abdominal muscles for longer endurance and lack of pain in the body after an intense session of sex.

5. Don’t be worried about your sexual performance
Your body tends to be tensed and you have heavy breath if you feel nervous during sex. So it is better to have good breathing exercise every day and not to worry about your sexual performance. In spite of this try to focus more on the pleasure of sex between you and your partner. This will make you have more fun and have an enjoyable time.

Following these simple steps will give you increased sexual stamina and help you boost up your energy. With this followed regularly you will have good sexual performance and this would help you maintain your energy levels.

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