5 Tips for Boosting Your Metabolism and Burning More Calories

Metabolism is used to describe all the chemical reactions that happen in your body. These reactions help keep your body active, functioning and alive. However, metabolism is frequently used interchangeably with metabolic rate. The higher the rate, the more calories you will burn. Here are five ways to boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories.

Eat More Protein
When you eat, your metabolism will increase for a couple of hours. This is called the TEF (thermic effect of food) which is caused by any extra calories you consume that are required to digest the food and absorb and process all the nutrients that are in your food. Foods rich in protein cause the highest rise in TEF, with an increase in your metabolic rate ranging from 15-30% (compared to 0-3% for fats and 5-10% for carbs). Incorporating more protein in your meals can result in a higher rate of metabolism.

Drink Cold Water
Those who opt for water over fizzy and sugary drinks can have the advantage of losing weight. As sugary drinks are full of calories, choosing water instead will lead to reduced calorie intake. Drinking more water can also lead to a faster metabolism. Hence, making small lifestyle changes such as switching to water can be incredibly beneficial and help you burn more calories.

High-Intensity Workout
HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) consists of very quick bursts of intense activity. It can also help in burning more fat by increasing the rate of your metabolism (even after your workout is complete). If you already have an exercise routine in place, try and mix it up and incorporate more high-intensity workouts which can boost your metabolism and help in burning fat. The type of clothing you wear for your workouts can also make a massive difference in how many calories you burn, such as sauna vests. There are lots of options to choose from to help you find the right clothing for your workout. If you are a member of a gym and are struggling with how to incorporate HIIT into your routine, be sure to speak to a personal trainer who will guide you on what to do next.

Gym Room: High-Intensity WorkoutLift Heavy Objects
Lifting heavy objects will not only help you develop muscle, but it can increase your metabolic rate as well. Since fat is less metabolically active than muscle, lifting may help you burn more calories every day, even when you are resting. Those who lift weights will be able to retain muscle and also combat the drop in their metabolism that can happen during weight loss. Lifting weights is incredibly important for retaining muscle so the higher amount of muscle you can build, the higher your metabolism will go.

Getting Sleep
Getting a good amount of sleep each night can make a massive difference in your metabolism. Those who suffer from a lack of sleep can be at a higher risk of obesity. Not sleeping enough can also lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, which is linked to a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Lack of sleep can reduce the number of calories you burn, alter the way you digest sugar and disrupt your hormones. If you are having trouble sleeping, there are several tips and tricks that can help you get back on track and get the recommended amount each night, and you can find them all online.

Making lifestyle changes (however small) and incorporating these tips listed into your day to day routine can lead to an increase in your metabolism. The higher metabolism you have, the more chances you have of losing weight and keeping it off. You will also notice higher energy levels, enabling you to complete your workouts easier.

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