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Gene therapy: A Potential Medical Wonder

Gene therapy: A Potential Medical Wonder image

Gene therapy is the future of the therapeutic medicine. This experimental therapy involves genetic manipulation to prevent or treat specific conditions. It works in three ways – by replacing the faulty gene, deactivating the faulty gene, or by introducing a new gene that suppresses the activity of the faulty gene. Currently, gene therapy is being explored for the treatment of specific cancers, neurological disorders, inherited disorders, and infectious diseases.

Medical Philippines Expo 2014

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Philippines would be hosting a mega medical exhibition featuring 3 events namely: Medical Philippines 2014, Pharma Philippines 2014 and Hospital Construction Philippines 2014 from (26 – 28 November 2014) in SMX Convention Centre, Manila, Philippines. This 3-Day mega medical event is set to be the only medical technology and pharmaceutical event in Philippines showcasing more than 3000sqm of medical equipment technology and pharmaceutical related exhibits from international exhibitors! MEDICAL PHILIPPINES 2014, PHARMA PHILIPPINES 2014 And HOSPITAL CONSTRUCTION PHILIPPINES 2014 are the only specialized medical, hospital and pharmaceutical events in Philippines that brings together an international congregation of Medical & Healthcare » » » [Read more]

Ebola Virus Transmission And Treatment

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Ebola virus is the only virus in the Zaire Ebola virus species. It is considered to be the most dangerous of the five known viruses within the genus Ebola virus. Among these five known Ebola viruses, four are known to cause severe and fatal hemorrhagic fever in humans and other mammals. These viruses are known as Ebola virus disease. Both the virus and its species were earlier named on Zaire, a country where it was first described. Initially, it was suspected to be a new “strain”, which is closely related to Marburg virus. This virus is a part of virological » » » [Read more]

Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Linked To Depression In Teenagers

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Depression is a mental illness that affects millions of people every day. Adults who suffer from the symptoms of the debilitating disorder are often prescribed an antidepressant, but in teenagers, the symptoms are often attributed to the life stage and go untreated. For decades, experts have connected sleep to depression, both getting too much sleep and not getting enough sleep. New study results are now showing that both extremes in sleep patterns signal depression in teenagers. The age group covering 13 to 19-year-olds generally fall into a few distinct categories. There are the teenagers who appear lazy, wanting to sleep » » » [Read more]

Medical Professionals Using Wikipedia As Major Source Of Information

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If you have an internet connection, then it’s probable that you’ve stumbled across a Wikipedia page before. Wikipedia is the most-used source for finding information in the world, and it has obvious uses for struggling students looking for a good start to their research. But, Wikipedia is much more than a resource for high school and college kids to get a little help on their finals. In fact, a new study suggests that Wikipedia is one of the primary sources for medical professionals to brush up on concepts in their field. This might sound like a dangerous path for doctors » » » [Read more]

Advantages and drawbacks of healthcare system in Canada

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Canadian health care system – the sphere that stirs up resentment among local residents and, at the same time, is the pride of the state. That’s a paradox. In fact, there are a lot of things to be proud of in this system. Contrary to popular belief, medical care in the country is paid. However, thanks to an established system of free public insurances, local residents do not pay for medical services. All expenses (or almost all) are covered by the state. That is why, some people think that the healthcare in this country is free. Citizens and immigrants, in » » » [Read more]