Advantages and drawbacks of healthcare system in Canada

Canadian health care system – the sphere that stirs up resentment among local residents and, at the same time, is the pride of the state. That’s a paradox. In fact, there are a lot of things to be proud of in this system. Contrary to popular belief, medical care in the country is paid. However, thanks to an established system of free public insurances, local residents do not pay for medical services. All expenses (or almost all) are covered by the state. That is why, some people think that the healthcare in this country is free. Citizens and immigrants, in some provinces, as well as those people who work under contract are provided with free healthcare services. However, tourists and guests of the country in any case will have to pay the full cost if they do not take care of their own insurance. By the way, this also applies to refugees, who can obtain free medical care services only in cases of emergency.

So, in case you do not want to have any problems with the medical care, you must first understand all the details and nuances of the local healthcare system. By the way, the terms and conditions of health insurance and services in each province may vary and what applies to Ontario, may not function in Quebec. First of all, make sure to draw a Health Card. In some Canadian provinces you can provide the necessary documents for its issuance after a certain period of residence in the area, in Quebec personal health insurance card can be obtained immediately upon arrival, but it takes effect only on the expiration of 3 months. This card, as well as passport and driver’s license, is an identification card, so the specialists advise to take it always with you.

Canadian Healthcare System

Canadian Healthcare System

With this insurance, most residents do not pay for doctor visits, specialist consultations, diagnostics, analyzes, hospitalization, surgery, everything related to pregnancy and childbirth. However, this insurance does not cover the cost of dentist, ophthalmologist services and medical help of other professionals, such as therapists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. With the help of this card, you will not be given free medicines at the Canadian pharmacy. You will also have to pay for an ambulance.

Another feature of the local healthcare system is that all medicine is based on family physicians. Literally, you cannot do without their advice. This is the first physician, who examines the patient, conducts diagnostic tests, prescribes needed medicines. Only family doctor can give you a referral to other specialists. On the one hand, it is very convenient, as there you need to contact only one doctor to get the necessary consultation and help. However, there are also some drawbacks in such a system. And this drawback has a very negative effect on the perfect Canadian system of healthcare services. The problem is connected with a huge shortage of family physicians. Many therapists practicing general medicine no longer accept new patients. That is why, it is not that easy to find professional doctor, who will agree to serve you and your family. For many Canadians – it still remains a dream. Maybe, that is why, more than half of residence think that the health care system in the country requires a significant improvement.

Compiled by Lorene Nunez and Francis Ortega for about the Canadian healthcare system.
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