8 Skin Care Tips That Everyone Should Follow Before Sleeping

After a hard day at work, we usually find ourselves at home preparing for another day. We seldom get the time to relax and unwind. But if you can spend 10 minutes for wiping off your lipstick and mascara, and then you will truly get adequate time to rejuvenate yourself with your daily beauty routine for the evening.

Beauty sleep is very important

Beauty sleep is very important

Whether you want to try a soothing foot or hand massage or aromatherapy bath, there are 8 skin care tips to be done every evening before sleeping, to get healthy and glowing skin.

Tip#1: Cleanse your Body
Our body accumulates immense amount of oil, dirt and debris buildup during the day. You feel exhausted, and so does your skin. Night cleansing, thus, is very important to prevent irritation and blemishes.

Tip#2: Remove Makeup Traces
You must remove every trace of makeup from the skin before retiring to bed. Makeup clogs your pores, which causes zits, acne and pimples. You should use a good quality makeup remover to remove makeup from the face, including eyes and lips. Use cotton balls and cleansing lotion or makeup remover.

Tip#3: Toning your Skin
Before you get to bed, remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Taking one extra minute for cleaning your skin is not going to harm you, but gain. Toner is used to remove all kinds of dirt and residue from your skin, thus leaving your complexion healthy and happy.

Tip#4: Apply a Moisturizer
Regardless of your skin type, it is very important to moisturize the skin. Doing so will only help your skin to retain the moisture it loses during the day. At night, your skin relaxes; at this restful stage, a moisturizer helps to replenish skin moisture. It is extremely essential to keep your skin and complexion hydrated during the 8 hours of restful beauty sleep. Once you wake up, you will find your skin noticeably plumper and brighter.

Tip#5: Treat the Under-eye Skin
Skin under the eyes is very sensitive. You must learn how to treat your under eye skin properly using a moisturizer based under eye cream or gel. Go for concentrated or potent ingredients that will rejuvenate the under eye skin and heal it.

Tip#6: Moisturize your Lips
To get that kissable pout, you must slather your lips with a quality lip balm every night. It will nourish your lips and keep them moisturized and hydrated.

Tip#7: Sleep in an Elevated Position
Make sure your sleeping posture is right. Sleeping on two pillows will keep your head elevated, thus preventing aging signs. It will also aid reduce typical fluid retention around your eyes.

Tip#8: Drink Plenty of Water
No matter what you do, drinking water is very important. To keep your skin beautiful and glowing, drink water before bedtime. On the other hand, you should reduce intake of sugary and salty beverages at night – these are the main culprits behind the puffiness and grogginess.

Beauty sleep is very important, and you should make it a point to sleep well for at least 8 hours every night. Always remember, your skin is a reflection of your inner well-being and the way you have been treating your body. Good night’s sleep means healthier, happier and brighter complexion.

Julia Taylor is a blogger for SkinTagFree who contributes her knowledge on various skin care issues. Actively attending affiliated seminars and networking events in the world of beauty.
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