What NOT To Eat For A Healthy Skin

While gorging on our favorite foods and regular meals, we often tend to include only those foods which pamper our taste buds and make us feel comfortable. However, little do we realize that our daily diet might include some of the foods that are actually silent killers of good health and are notorious in robbing off the youth and beauty quotient of our skin. Now before you start scratching your heads or lose sleep over identifying these items, have a look at the foods mentioned below, which should be consumed only in moderation in order to prevent them from harming your skin.

Diet for healthy skin

Diet for healthy skin

What Is Essential To Keep A Healthy Skin

A healthy skin requires a balanced supply of nutrients and lots of water and other fluids to remain healthy and function smoothly. While there are many other factors that could lead to dull, dry and undesirable skin, it has also got a lot to do with what you put inside your mouth. Also, in order to naturally maintain an impeccable and flawless complexion and skin texture follow a skin care regimen religiously, exercise regularly, spend time in nature and choose to be happy irrespective of your circumstances.

Stay Away From:

Sugar has properties that could actually accelerate your ageing process and makes your skin gravitate towards pre-mature signs of ageing. So, the next time you are tempted to hog on that sugar doughnut, bread pudding and chocolate brownie, or sneakily add one more teaspoon of sugar to your coffee or milk shake, think about the damage it would do to you after going inside the body. Sugar intake must range between low to moderate, and in this case, it is justified to say that less is more. Hence, go easy on it, as it leads to dark circles, dry and flaky skin and skin darkening.

Refined Carbohydrates
Consuming refined carbohydrates like white breads, pastas, pizza, burgers, doughnuts, cakes, buns etc are a sure short way to fast track the ageing process. While these foods could be the one which you have fed on as a child, and it might comfort your otherwise stressed or weary mind, they are perilous for the skin. Refined foods slow down your metabolic rate as the digestive system does not indulge in any extra labor in breaking them down and they also boost blood sugar levels instantly. This increases the chances of developing diabetes and hampers blood circulation which causes wrinkles and patches on the skin.

Aerated Drinks
Irrespective of how cool and stylish it might appear to consume aerated drinks, especially with a group of friends, the truth is that they are neither beneficial for your skin health, nor do they aid your bone health in any manner. On top of that, these drinks are loaded with sugar content and rarely have any substantial nutrient in them. Hence, try to switch to healthier drinks like vegetable juices, fresh fruit juices, milk shakes, smoothies and lemon water.

Deciding to indulge in alcohol once in a while, when you simply wish to let your hair down and enjoy your heart out, is a liberating experience no doubt. However making this as a habit is certainly not going to make your skin go great guns! Be mindful of the frequency and the quantity of your alcohol consumption as excess of the same could lead to ugly and pathetic eye bags and bloodshot in your eyes. Your skin would start looking tired and worn out, and this would certainly not be a morale booster for you in any way!

Salt is known to be a silent killer, as it hampers the youth, beauty and grace of your skin. While we all know how important a pinch of salt is for the normal functioning of our body, excess of salt intake leads to water retention and leads to puffy eyes. How would you feel if you woke up one fine morning, with your plan to visit the beach house with friends and you suddenly notice two horrible eye bags in the mirror while getting dressed? Not the best feeling to make your day! Hence, limit your salt intake by eating salads without dressing and mild quantities in your meals as well.

Pasteurized butter is extremely harmful for your liver and increases the level of bad cholesterol and saturated fats in your body. This in turn, makes your metabolism sluggish and puts excessive pressure on your digestive system affecting your bowel movements. Not having a clean digestive system is also the cause of acne breakouts at times.

While salsa is a preferred food choice among weight watchers simply because it is considered to be the healthy and calorie free, seldom do people realize that too much of a good thing could also lead to disastrous results. Salsa is prepared by using tomatoes and vinegar in good quantities, and excess use of these two food items could lead to breakouts in the skin. Also, they lead to constipation which is a rival of healthy and glowing skin!

Processed Foods
The lifestyle which people lead these days is full of fast food consumption. Therefore the use of processed foods like mayonnaise, various sauces, canned juices and drinks and processed cheese is being so widely consumed by people. Make it a point to cut processed foods completely and if that sounds too hard at least limit the intake to once a month. Not paying attention to this important piece of information could lead to skin cancer.

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