How To Properly Protect Your Skin in the Winter Months

The frigid winter weather cometh and it’s ready to wreak havoc on your skin. Blunt but true, during the cold months moisture is literally sucked out of your body. Short of hunkering down in your home with a bottle of moisturizer, drinking gobs of water and covering every square inch of your body with blankets, what can you do properly protect your skin in the winter months?

  1. Wear a scarf – Protection with the flick of the wrist, it’s just a matter of finding a scarf that compliments your favorite cold weather coat. Wool, cotton, cashmere – take your pick!
  2. Don’t just moisturize your exposed skin – The dryness of cold weather is pretty sneaky, affecting more than just the skin that is exposed to the elements. Look for a moisturizer that is fragrance and chemical free. Argan oil, extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, is packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids. This single product is good for use on the whole body.
  3. Get a humidifier – Air conditioning and heating units rob the air of moisture. While you are getting your beauty sleep, condition the air around you by replacing moisture. But don’t over humidify! The Venta Airwasher is a dual-purpose unit that rids the air of allergens, dust, and mold in addition to regulating the humidity in your room.
  4. Get a facial from a professional – Sometimes, all your hard work in preserving the moisture in your skin just isn’t enough. It’s time to bring in an esthetician or dermatologist to properly assess the condition of your skin and come up with a proactive plan for reacquainting your skin with hydration.
  5. Say no to a few drinks during the holidays – Alcohol acts as a diuretic which causes you to urinate more frequently. All those trips to the bathroom means draining your body of much needed fluids.

Skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and xerosis tend to become exacerbated in the winter, so making sure you keep healthy is just as important as moisturizing. Rosacea is believed to be set in motion by an overactive immune system. As the body flows and functions together, maintaining optimum health can only support your cause for better hydrated skin.

If you notice as the season wears on a skin condition becomes worse, medical spas like Thrive Med Spa offer extra treatments to soothe and further protect you from the harsh elements of winter. Some examples of treatment include Organic Enzyme facials and PCA Professional TCA peels. Avoiding a serious skin irritation could lead to severe problems in the future, so being proactive about hydrating your skin is a better choice than being reactive.

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