Why Stopping Some Habits Can Make Your Skin Happy

Smoking allows all those cigarette toxins to draw your blood supply away from your face. The natural pads of fat in your cheeks suffer. It’s not only the wrinkles around your lips that betray your smoking habit, your too-thin face will as well.

The types of wrinkles on your skin can tell a story of their own. Deep wrinkles come from over-exposure to the sun. The area just under your eyes will be especially hard-hit.

If you have noticed cracks at the sides of your mouth, this is called angular stomatitis. You may be deficient in vitamin B, which is rich in anti-inflammatory benefits. The cause? Not eating vegetables high in the B vitamins. These include whole grain foods and peas.

Some people have decided they need to cut all fats from their diets, regardless of the fact that some fats have definite health benefits. As a result, their skin is starving for the health benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids present in olive oil. Even canola oil is good for the skin.

For more information on dry skin and dry skin care, refer to this infographic created by the marketing team at Pyratine.

All About Dry Skin

All About Dry Skin

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