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Top Medical Tech Innovations in 2013

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It is great to know that this year marked considerable innovations in technology. The health industry became a recipient of great strides in technology. The exciting innovations will ultimately drive health care into a new era, a new level if you may. Surely the erstwhile slow-paced technology has become more agile and flexible and it will improve how we get fit and consult our doctors tomorrow. Electronic aspirin We have heard about electronic cigarettes and how it can replace real cigarettes for a cheaper price and provide safer and healthier alternative to smoking. But have you heard about electronic aspirin? » » » [Read more]

9 of The Best Spices That Will Improve Your Brain Health

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Believe it or not but your brain has the ability to change, adapt, and improve in more ways than one. Neuroplasticity is what it’s called when the human brain reshapes itself and its ability to learn new information improves. When most people think of brain improvement they automatically think deep breathing, meditation, and other similar exercises are the only way to make this happen. However, there are certain spices when eaten in the right capacity can help improve your memory, cognitive abilities, and overall brain power. Check out the 9 best spices to strengthen your brain. Black Pepper That’s right, » » » [Read more]

Giving Light to the Pharmacy Technician's Role in the HealthCare Industry

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Although pharmacy techs are sometimes seen merely as the customer service providers of a retail pharmacy, their jobs are actually much more complicated and pivotal to the healthcare industry – and with the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) having announced an update to its Certification Exam on June 6, 2012, we thought it might be a good time to examine the role that pharmacy technicians play in the healthcare industry. The pharmacy technician’s main role is to assist a licensed pharmacist. However, this involves much more than waiting on the customers who come in to pick up prescriptions. The first » » » [Read more]

Manage Your Stress: Know the Warning Signs and Find Out How to Cope

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The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) brought the subject of “killer stress” into international news when it aired “Killer Stress – A National Geographic Special with Robert Sapolsky.” Sapolsky, a Stanford University neurobiologist, highlighted his groundbreaking work on the effects of stress on both human and primate health, and his findings were grim. Stress and Human Biology Stress is hard-wired into the human biology as part of the survival instinct. Perhaps best known as the “fight or flight syndrome,” stress in earlier periods of human evolution helped early humans identify predators and escape before becoming someone’s lunch. But today this same » » » [Read more]

Why Stopping Some Habits Can Make Your Skin Happy

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Smoking allows all those cigarette toxins to draw your blood supply away from your face. The natural pads of fat in your cheeks suffer. It’s not only the wrinkles around your lips that betray your smoking habit, your too-thin face will as well. The types of wrinkles on your skin can tell a story of their own. Deep wrinkles come from over-exposure to the sun. The area just under your eyes will be especially hard-hit. If you have noticed cracks at the sides of your mouth, this is called angular stomatitis. You may be deficient in vitamin B, which is » » » [Read more]

Winning the War against Germs

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The presence of germs has played a huge role throughout human history. Disease outbreaks caused by germs have changed the course of civilizations and resulted in the untimely deaths of millions of people. During most of recorded history, the presence of germs was suspected by scientists, but the existence of these minute organisms could not be proven without modern technology. It has only been in the past three hundred years that technology has improved to the point that germs could be detected by the use of microscopes. The word “germ” is used to refer to a variety of organisms that » » » [Read more]

Want Successful Recovery From Addiction - Follow These Essential Tips

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Addiction sucks out the life in people, even while they are still alive. Nothing sabotages their morale and inner strength as immensely as an addiction. If ignored, it could prove to be fatal and even has the potential of bringing a person’s life to an irrevocable end. When a person is shackled with alcohol, drug or tobacco addiction, it means that he is subjected to repetitive behavioral patterns, in spite of facing adverse consequences due to the consumption of those addictive. According to experts, it is hard to cure addiction but it could most certainly be managed. Following a good » » » [Read more]

Some Vitamins That You Shouldn't Take

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We are used to taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis, and they seem to be an excellent idea because they make us healthier. Is that true? As human beings we are confident that vitamins are paramount for our existence, and that vitamin deficiencies can lead to severe health conditions. An alarmingly large amount of people takes both vitamins and multi-vitamins daily. They’re usually sold in pharmacies and grocery stores, and most of them don’t call for a prescription. The vitamin supplement industry has grown tremendously over the past decade, and it’s now more powerful than ever. Companies base their » » » [Read more]

Must Follow Health Routine for Winter

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With winter creeping on us at full steam ahead, it is quite essential that a correct and appropriate health routine is followed so that you can stay out of flu or any other disease’s way. Yes, it is difficult to have the phrase “winter wellness” attained without any effort from your end but in reality by following some simple rules or setting a fixed routine, it can be easily done. Simple tricks like Eating a lot of fruits that contain Vitamin C Fish Oil or Supplements that contain the same Proper winter wear Having an EHIC medical card Staying away » » » [Read more]

Important Health Tips for Men Over 30

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There is no question that entering 30s is the time that worries men and women alike. For men, this is the time they get serious about life. Real, big responsibilities come their way in the form of home ownership, real career, children, etc. All this combined with unhealthy food habits lead to health conditions which are a cause of concern for men over 30 years. However, it is possible for men to keep away from these health issues. Let’s check out some of the ways which can help in improving men’s health. Bone Health Most men who are 30 years » » » [Read more]