Want Successful Recovery From Addiction - Follow These Essential Tips

Addiction sucks out the life in people, even while they are still alive. Nothing sabotages their morale and inner strength as immensely as an addiction. If ignored, it could prove to be fatal and even has the potential of bringing a person’s life to an irrevocable end.

When a person is shackled with alcohol, drug or tobacco addiction, it means that he is subjected to repetitive behavioral patterns, in spite of facing adverse consequences due to the consumption of those addictive. According to experts, it is hard to cure addiction but it could most certainly be managed. Following a good drug recovery and healing process helps in harnessing the inner beast of a human being. And gradually the addict learns to exercise control and recovers successfully from his/her addiction.
Put Yourself First
If you are attached to some kind of addiction, it is your responsibility to get yourself out of it. Therefore, any unnecessary and useless demands on your “me time” should be outrightly turned down. You always have the power to say “no” to people when they are feeding their priorities on your time. Be assertive rather than aggressive. Learn to use your power, albeit lovingly.

Hire Professional Help
The philosophy — if it’s not broken don’t fix it, might not go well when it comes to your health. Do not be casual about your drug, alcohol or tobacco addiction and wait till it overpowers you completely. Reach out to the professionals who possess the experience and expertise of recovering the addicts. Consistently follow through the treatment prescribed by them.

Watch Your Company
Remember, real friends and well-wishers encourage you to adopt a healthy way of life. Please understand that the friends, who entice you to stick to certain drugs, are not good for you and must be kept at an arm’s distance, and if possible, chuck them out completely.

Join a Motivational Support Group
Be it a church, a spiritual group or simply a group of positive and like-minded people, be a part of that. Surrounding yourself with positive energy would increase your faith within your ability to get over your addiction. You would also undergo spiritual growth as an added advantage.

Eat Healthy
You are what you eat, no, no matter how clichéd it might sound, this is the truth indeed! Change your eating habits and include lots of fruits and vegetables into it. Sip on herbal tea and try to stick to a diet that supplies the much needed nutrients to your body, which were perhaps lost by consuming drugs.

Get Some Exercise
Make a habit of walking, swimming or dancing for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercises will release endorphins in your body, healing anxiety and leaving you on an emotional high which would prevent you from reaching out to the addictive.

Be In the Lap Of Nature
Try to spend time in a garden, park or near the lake or beach as nature has an amazing healing and calming power. Rub your feet with your palms, walk barefoot on the grass or sand, breathe deeply and absorb the colors of the lush trees and lovely flowers.

Get Busy
Try to use any spare time in productive activities like volunteering for causes, joining a group class, gardening, cooking or teaching kids. Anything which you could manage to do for a short span, regularly will keep your mind distracted from drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

Healing Affirmations
The words you say and the thoughts you have about yourself, shapes your personality. Several times in the day, affirm the following statements, especially on waking up in the morning and going to bed at night —

  • I am strong
  • I am now addiction free
  • I lead a healthy lifestyle
  • I am always surrounded by love and positivity
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