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Effectivity of Guava Leaves (Psidium guajava) as Mouthwash for Patients with Aphthous Ulcers

Effectivity of Guava Leaves (Psidium guajava) as Mouthwash for Patients with Aphthous Ulcers image

By: Ferdinand Z. Guintu, MD Antonio H. Chua, MD Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center ABSTRACT Objective: To determine whether Psidium guajava leaves mouthwash is effective in the management of patients with aphthous ulcers. Methods:      Design: Randomized prospective open label clinical study      Setting: Tertiary Government Training Hospital      Subjects: Thirty two patients diagnosed with aphthous ulcers were randomly divided into two groups, a treatment group using prepared guava leaves mouthwash, and a control group using isotonic sodium chloride solution mouthwash given thrice a day for seven days. Patients were evaluated using a 10-point Visual » » » [Read more]

11 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

11 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Itchy Scalp image

How many times do you feel the need to constantly scratch your scalp and feel embarrassed since you are out in public? This is what dandruff can do to you. The fact is a lot of men and women have dandruff as it is one of the most common hair/scalp problem. It is a result of a growth of a dry fungus that goes by the name malassezia, which can be caused due to an excessively dry or excessively oily scalp. There are a lot of products like shampoos, hair oils etc. in the market that claims to offer dandruff relief but the fact is most of them offer temporary relief.

Ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight image

We all want to have healthy and beautiful bodies but sometimes a few excess pounds here and there bother us a lot. What is the best way to lose weight? Should you stick to a diet? Go to a gym? An avalanche of information on weight loss leaves you overwhelmed. Should you try low carbs diet (Paleo diet, Sugar Busters, Atkins) or should you stick with low calorie diet (Big loser diet or Learn diet)? The infographic presents a number of the most common diets and discusses its pros and cons. Experts say that long-lasting results are achieved when a » » » [Read more]

A Healthy Mouth Leads To a Healthy Heart

A Healthy Mouth Leads To a Healthy Heart image

In the United Kingdom alone, statistics estimate that almost fifty percent of the whole population has some kind of gum disease. Given the economic standing of UK amongst the most powerful countries all over the world, it makes it highly possible that a bigger number of people in other countries suffer from gum disease. Still, why are we talking about that? Well, for starters, recent research suggests that there is some sort of association between periodontal – gum and teeth – disease and heart problems – coronary heart disease, which, by the way, is a chronic disease in the UK » » » [Read more]

Facing severe loss of elasticity in your skin? Can dermal fillers help?

Facing severe loss of elasticity in your skin? Can dermal fillers help? image

After a certain age, the skin begins to sag because it loses volume. To boost its elasticity, the elastin and collagen into the skin must be stimulated. A controlled stimulation leads to an improved skin tone. Apart from chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and thermage, women have another option: dermal fillers. Made of Hyaluronic acid (a natural ingredient found in the skin) it can boost the skin’s appearance, and get it back in shape so to speak. Dermal fillers don’t have negative effects or bad reactions because they’re not considered strange to the skin. A better understanding of dermal fillers » » » [Read more]

How to Combat Altitude Sickness

How to Combat Altitude Sickness image

If you live in a low-lying country, altitude sickness is a condition that you are unlikely to experience outside of a movie theatre, but in real life the effects of altitude aren’t only limited to the mountaineers and climbers you might have seen on the silver screen. In many countries in South America and Asia, living with even extreme altitudes can be a way of life, so if you are planning to work or take a holiday in Peru, Nepal or somewhere similar then it’s important to prepare yourself properly and often to learn from the locals about the best » » » [Read more]

How Does Cold Laser Fat Reduction Work?

How Does Cold Laser Fat Reduction Work? image

Unfortunately, having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always ensure that you’ll have the body of your dreams. You could resort to liposuction, but surgery of any kind can carry lots of risks and recovery time–not to mention a hefty price tag. Instead of having to go through traditional liposuction, liposuction Laser technology can help eliminate fat from targeted areas on the body without the need for anesthesia, incisions, or risks associated with an invasive surgical procedure and an extended period of recovery. Before heading over to a cosmetic surgeon, take a moment to consider the benefits of cold laser technology as » » » [Read more]

8 Skin Care Tips That Everyone Should Follow Before Sleeping

8 Skin Care Tips That Everyone Should Follow Before Sleeping image

After a hard day at work, we usually find ourselves at home preparing for another day. We seldom get the time to relax and unwind. But of you can spend 10 minutes for wiping off your lipstick and mascara, and then you will truly get adequate time to rejuvenate yourself with your daily beauty routine for the evening. Whether you want to try a soothing foot or hand massage or aromatherapy bath, there are 8 skin care tips to be done every evening before sleeping, to get healthy and glowing skin.

How to Prevent the Office from Getting Sick

How to Prevent the Office from Getting Sick image

If you work in an office in the middle of winter, getting sick is nearly inevitable. Winter time has its negatives and positives. One of the biggest negatives, especially if you work in close contact with several people, is getting sick. It can come from anything-someone sneezing, touching something or even being around someone. The only thing worse than getting sick yourself is getting the entire office sick, which you can easily do if you come down with a bug. If you know you are sick, you should avoid work at all costs. This is much easier said than done, » » » [Read more]

Eat Healthy Foods To Stay Healthy

Eat Healthy Foods To Stay Healthy image

If you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle in this modern world, then it is vital for you to maintain a very healthy diet along with some physical exercise. This is the most common thing that is being said by most people, but only a handful of people heed to such theories. The end result is that many of the people we see around us are either overweight or obese. If you also fall in this category, then it is high time that you gave a serious thought to a healthy body and mind in order to boost your lifespan. Eating healthy meals and healthy food is a sure shot way to your physical well being.