A Healthy Mouth Leads To a Healthy Heart

In the United Kingdom alone, statistics estimate that almost fifty percent of the whole population has some kind of gum disease. Given the economic standing of UK amongst the most powerful countries all over the world, it makes it highly possible that a bigger number of people in other countries suffer from gum disease.

Still, why are we talking about that? Well, for starters, recent research suggests that there is some sort of association between periodontal – gum and teeth – disease and heart problems – coronary heart disease, which, by the way, is a chronic disease in the UK and in other parts of the world.

The association between both chronic diseases starts with several risk factors, such as smoking, aging and diabetes, making it highly likely that if you have problems with your teeth and mouth, you also will likely develop some sort of problem with your heart soon.

If you want to live a heart-friendly lifestyle, you need to make sure that aside from proper diet and exercise, you also may want to visit your dentist regularly and have your teeth checked every once in a while.

Taking Proper Care of Your Teeth and Heart

Teeth, gums and heart care all have one common denominator, and that is, you need to watch what you put in your mouth.
Staying away from cigarettes, for one thing, is a start as the chemicals found in tobacco do heavy damage on your gums and your arteries, more so with regular use.

Eating colorful fruits and vegetables also makes it more likely that you not only keep your teeth healthy but also, make sure that your heart does not age faster than it should.

You may also want to engage yourself in regular exercise and keep watch of your weight. Obesity is also a primary cause of oral problems, and this may increase the likelihood of you having problems with your heart.

If you also take care of your teeth, you also get to enjoy more healthy food. With strong teeth, you get to munch on a wide-variety of healthy foods, such as heart-healthy ones, and it makes it easier for you to stave off signs of gum disease and even reverse them.

Then again, the most important part when it comes to oral care is to make sure that you visit the dentist regularly and have your teeth checked.

Who knows, you may not have been brushing your teeth the right way, or use the wrong type of toothpaste for your teeth or in worse cases, use the wrong types of toothbrush, which may cause further damage and may lead to bleeding and damage gums.

Sure, your dentist will likely cost you plenty of money. However, you may want to keep in mind that the results of spending more money are that you have a healthier, happier, longer life, which means the end will likely justify the means.

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