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Hepatitis Myths & Facts

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Myth: Eating yellow-colored food can increase the chances of jaundice. Fact: This is not true. Food like turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and also help in detoxifying the liver. Antioxidants in lemon juice help in flushing the free radicals from the liver and help it to recover following the infection. Myth: Eating bland food and boiled vegetables are the right kind of food for viral hepatitis. Fact: Nutrition is very important for the improvement of liver function. Limiting oneself to only bland and boiled food can easily lead to protein-calorie malnutrition during the prolonged illness. Myth: Hepatitis B can » » » [Read more]

Everything You Have to Know About Health Maintenance Organizations

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Employees are typically busy with both their work and priorities at home that they tend to forget about their health. They know that health is wealth, but stress hinders them to prioritize in so that they can earn money. Many are also guilty of now owning health insurances that would enable them to save money whenever they suddenly need to pay medical expenses. Health insurances are reliable safety nets that let an individual save money by having the insurance plan cover portions of the medical bill. Lack of time and money might seem to be insufficient excuses to not getting » » » [Read more]