Hepatitis Myths & Facts

Myth: Eating yellow-colored food can increase the chances of jaundice.
Fact: This is not true. Food like turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and also help in detoxifying the liver. Antioxidants in lemon juice help in flushing the free radicals from the liver and help it to recover following the infection.

Myth: Eating bland food and boiled vegetables are the right kind of food for viral hepatitis.
Fact: Nutrition is very important for the improvement of liver function. Limiting oneself to only bland and boiled food can easily lead to protein-calorie malnutrition during the prolonged illness.

Myth: Hepatitis B can be spread by sneezing.
Fact: Hepatitis B is not spread by casual contact such as from the air, hugging, touching, sneezing, coughing, toilet seats, or doorknobs. However, even though it is not the leading form of transmission, it can be passed on through intimate activities such as intercourse.

Myth: If you do not have jaundice, you do not have Hepatitis B.
Fact: 70% of children and 30% of adults may not have jaundice with acute hepatitis infection.

Myth: Hepatitis C virus cannot survive outside a host.
Fact: Hep C virus can survive outside a host up to three weeks at room temperature.

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Hepatitis Myths & Facts

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