How to Combat the Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Most symptoms of lower testosterone in men can be dealt with simply, but also naturally. The majority of symptoms stem from the same root problems physically, so the treatments have some common ways to deal with them. These dovetailing ways to combat symptoms of lower testosterone, don’t give anyone a reason to not monitor your symptoms seriously. Some symptoms should be watched carefully, so that other possible causes can be eliminated as the source.

Loss of Body Hair

When testosterone levels decline in males, a frequent symptom is a loss of body hair and overall hair growth. This is primarily because testosterone promotes the growth of hair, so men experiencing hair loss are going through something quite normal. Testosterone replacement therapy can stimulate hair growth again, but that is only if lower testosterone is the true cause. Sometimes natural remedies and testosterone supplements can stimulate new hair growth, as well.

How to Combat the Symptoms of Low Testosterone: Excessive Urination

Excessive Urination

An increase in the frequency of male urination, can be a symptom of lower testosterone. If this is a symptom that is occurring, be sure to monitor it carefully. This could also be symptomatic of an enlarged prostate or the onset of diabetes. Assuming urination is becoming excessive due to low testosterone, replacement therapy and natural supplements maybe helpful. Also making sure your diet contains fruits, vegetables and plenty of clean water is important. Changing of lifestyle patterns very often makes all the difference.

Loss of Bone Mass and Muscular Strength

Both bone mass and muscle strength can be impacted by low testosterone levels. Both can also be offset with the implementation of a regular fitness regimen. Strength training exercise is utilized to increase the power of bones and muscles. Body weight exercises are recommended to build overall strength, such exercises include push-ups, leg squats and pull-ups. You can use free weights or weight machines, especially if you are a beginner to a regular exercise routine. Sometimes a personal trainer can help develop the best workout system for your health and physical needs.

Problems Concentrating

Some men experience a loss of mental agility, when low testosterone becomes an issue. Although testosterone treatments can help to a degree, remember your brain is a muscle that needs to be stimulated properly. Take breaks in your daily routine, so that your mind can recharge itself. These breaks could consist of light exercise, physical stretching, meditation, yoga or even a short nap. Above all, don’t fall into a pattern of overusing caffeine products to compensate for lower levels of testosterone, this will only make problems with concentration worse.

Fatigue or Sleep Problems

A reduction in energy is often associated with lower testosterone levels. This can cause fatigue and problems sleeping. Despite the irregular patterns already occurring, try to stick to a regular sleep schedule that is combined with an early morning exercise routine. Early physical activities tend to boost your natural energy levels during the daytime hours. Also keep your waking and bedtime schedule static, do not change this routine at all.

How to Combat the Symptoms of Low Testosterone: Lower Sex Drive

Lower Sex Drive

When levels of testosterone drop in males, usually their sex drive does, as well. It is the most often reported symptom of low testosterone for men. Before jumping to any drastic methods of treatment, try working on your relationship intimacy and expanding the arousal between you and your partner sexually. Many things like role play, sensual massage and new sexual positions can be helpful, but also very stimulating. Keep your communication open and honest as a couple, that way nothing gets worse by either partner feeling rejected sexually. If the problems still continue to persist, there are supplements which can naturally enhance sexual performance and the male libido.

Erectile Dysfunction

In combination with lower sex drive, many men experience erectile dysfunction or ED, as part of lower testosterone levels. There are many common ED medications available with a prescription, but it is often best to try more natural methods of treatment first. Such things as changes in diet, quitting smoking, abstaining from using alcohol, not taking drugs and using natural male enhancements can be very effective. Erectile dysfunction does not have to be a life crippling experience, it happens to many men, especially as they get older.

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