Diseases Capable of Lowering Your Testosterone Levels

The human body is made up of different kinds of chemicals, elements, and hormones. These aspects of the human body are what enables it to seamlessly enact processes that allow us, humans, to do different activities in our everyday lives. One of these aspects – hormones – is in charge of a man’s reproductive processes. Even though it’s a significant component of males, testosterone is a hormone found in the female body as well though small in number. The majority of the male population knows this particular type of hormone. However, a significant part of the male community does not know that low testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction – a massive problem for men that are active in sexual activities. If ever you are experiencing these problems, there are erectile dysfunction clinics that specialize in treating low-testosterone males.

Before we delve into how these clinics can treat erectile dysfunction – a common effect of low testosterone levels, we first need to understand the hormone called testosterone.

Diseases Capable of Lowering Your Testosterone Levels

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in both males, females, and some animals as well. This particular hormone is primarily attributed to the male’s sex drive since it plays a very important role in the process of producing sperm. This hormone also plays a vital role in a person’s muscle and bone mass, red blood cell production, in the male’s capabilities to store fats, and even the male’s everyday mood or emotional state.

Testosterone production is a normal process that the body goes through and its production rate reaches the peak during the person’s puberty period and slowly decreases when they reach the age of 30. However, this is not the case with a number of males that experiences low testosterone levels. It may sound like a minor problem up until male experiences the following effects of having low testosterone levels:

  • Weight Gain – Since testosterone plays a role in the way male bodies store fats, gaining weight is a regular occurrence for people that have low levels of this hormone. It is in part due to the decrease of a male’s muscle mass (due to low testosterone levels) and has more room to store fat in.
  • Sex Drive/Erectile Dysfunction – Lower testosterone levels does not necessarily entail that a person has a lower sex drive. However, this may lead to less pleasure felt during sexual activities. One of the primary reasons for this is that a minor number of people that experience lower testosterone levels experience erectile dysfunction which may lead to disappointment during sexual activities, which can lower a person’s self-esteem that can lead to the next point.
  • Moodiness and Depressions – As mentioned, testosterone has a part to play with a person’s mood or emotional state. Lower levels of this hormone may lead to more frequent mood swings, and in some cases, people with lower testosterone levels experience depression.

So, why do some people have lower testosterone levels than the norm? The most common cause would be having an unhealthy lifestyle or having an illness, both of these hinders or lowers testosterone production in males.

Diseases that can Lower Your Testosterone Levels

For many reasons, males may experience a drop in testosterone, due to a tumor in a gland that produces this specific hormone or an injury to the testes. Additionally, hormones such as testosterone may be affected if your body is under significant stress – emotional or physical. Common conditions of health and related factors that can increase the risk of low testosterone include:

  • Obesity – It might not necessarily be a disease, but not a lot of people know that obesity and low testosterone levels are closely linked. The more obese a male is, the more likely they have lower testosterone levels than the norm.
    Conversely, males that already have low testosterone levels are more likely to become fat or get obese. It is because the more fat cells a male has, the more they metabolize testosterone into estrogen. Additionally, obesity lessens the amount of a protein that is in charge of carrying testosterone into the person’s blood. It will, in most cases, cause erectile dysfunction for males, but it is not a cause for worry since erectile dysfunction clinics are aplenty.
  • Diabetes – Much like obesity, diabetes is closely linked to a male’s testosterone levels. It is a well-established fact that most males with diabetes are more likely to have testosterone deficiency, and conversely, males with low testosterone levels have higher chances of developing diabetes at the latter stages of their lives. It is all because males that have low testosterone levels have more insulin resistance – which can cause diabetes.
  • HIV/AIDS – A disease that is well known in today’s society is HIV/AIDS. Although these two aren’t the same, they are, more often than not, used in the same sentence together. This disease can lower testosterone levels for males since it causes abnormalities in the body’s endocrine system – which affects testosterone production. The endocrine abnormalities have always been linked to HIV complications ever since the disease’s early days. However, the adverse effect to testosterone levels is an issue that is only being talked about in more recent times.

Key Takeaway

Never forget that there will always be experts with regard to whatever it is that ails your body. From low testosterone levels to its common effect (erectile dysfunction) clinics that have doctors that specialize in treating these ailments are always available. Always remember that while the production rate of testosterone naturally diminishes as a man ages, other factors can cause testosterone levels to fall. Testicular injury and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation can have an adverse effect on the production of testosterone as well.

Testosterone is a vital hormone for all males and if you notice that you are experiencing some of the side-effects listed here, visit the nearest testosterone and erectile dysfunction clinic.

About the contributor: Though not a medical professional, Hodge Racter knows a lot about medical topics, including testosterone replacement therapy (having undergone the procedure himself) and cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgeries. Today, he remains spry and energetic despite his age, and when he’s not doing freelance work, he’s having quality time with his wife and two dogs.
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