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Blake Warren Ang, MD

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Specializes in Adult Medicine – Pulmonology and Pulmonary Critical Care. He caters to General Internal Medicine concerns and diseases of the lungs: Asthma, COPD, Lung Cancer, Pleural Diseases. Has also undergone training in COVID critical care management.

Melchor Gonzalez, MD

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Dr. Melchor Gonzalez is expert in treating common adult diseases especially hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and infectious diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, & hiv/aids.

Medical Professionals Using Wikipedia As Major Source Of Information

Medical Professionals Using Wikipedia As Major Source Of Information image

If you have an internet connection, then it’s probable that you’ve stumbled across a Wikipedia page before. Wikipedia is the most-used source for finding information in the world, and it has obvious uses for struggling students looking for a good start to their research. But, Wikipedia is much more than a resource for high school and college kids to get a little help on their finals. In fact, a new study suggests that Wikipedia is one of the primary sources for medical professionals to brush up on concepts in their field. This might sound like a dangerous path for doctors » » » [Read more]

Winning the War against Germs

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The presence of germs has played a huge role throughout human history. Disease outbreaks caused by germs have changed the course of civilizations and resulted in the untimely deaths of millions of people. During most of recorded history, the presence of germs was suspected by scientists, but the existence of these minute organisms could not be proven without modern technology. It has only been in the past three hundred years that technology has improved to the point that germs could be detected by the use of microscopes. The word “germ” is used to refer to a variety of organisms that » » » [Read more]