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How Nature Walks Makes Your Brain Healthier

How Nature Walks Makes Your Brain Healthier image

There are many benefits to spending time in nature, but new research shows that walking in nature changes the brain for the better. These and other health benefits give you more reasons to take the time to walk in natural settings. If you live in a city, you may be at risk for health issues related to chronic stress. Physiomed’s infographic helps you understand all of the benefits that walking in nature can provide while helping you set up a plan to make this a part of your healthy lifestyle. Why Walk in Nature Instead of the City? Although walking » » » [Read more]

How Sleep Can Help Detox Your Brain

How Sleep Can Help Detox Your Brain image

Studies show that one of the reasons people sleep is to detoxify the brain. A new study that was published recently online in the journal Science revealed that when you sleep the brain does some spring cleaning. Let us find out how the brain detoxes while the person is sleeping.

How Bipolar Disorder Affects Family Life

How Bipolar Disorder Affects Family Life image

Human beings are social animals. Our very survival depends largely on our socialization skills. In part, this is because we are at the mercy of each other for our existence. While our ties to other humans are important, our family ties are even more so, and even stronger. Within the family structure, when a person goes through some serious mental illness it can put a heavy strain on the rest of the family. This can become even more troublesome if the person is going through the peaks and trenches of bipolar disorder. The nature and severity of bipolar disorder and how it is managed doesn’t just have a negative effect on the person who’s been diagnosed. It also affects the entire family in many ways.