Pros and Cons of Having Liposuction Treatment

The term lipo means fat while suction means to vacuum out or remove. Smart liposuction, or liposuction in general, is a type of cosmetic surgery which uses heat to melt and liquefy body fat. The liquefying process makes it easier for the fat to get suctioned out of the body, resulting in less bruising for your patient. However, liposuction treatment does not get rid of cellulite or stretch marks, and it most certainly is not a treatment for obesity. Typically, patients undergo liposuction treatments to remove unwanted excess body fat in specified parts of their body.

portrait of surgeon in operating roomThe whole process starts with the doctor mapping out your problem areas where liposuction needs to be done. After studying and mapping out, you will be given either a local anesthesia, which makes you stay awake during the whole process but you wouldn’t feel anything, or you’ll be put under twilight sedation, which makes you fall asleep. From there on, laser heat is used to melt the fat. Once all the fat from problem areas liquefy, it’s finally time to suction it all out with the use of a small cannula.

According to Monarch Plastic Surgery from Kansas City, smart liposuction helps in skin tightening as well. More than that, the recovery period takes only a few days that you can even return to work the next day. But in spite of all that, there are still several advantages and disadvantages when having liposuction treatment.

Pros of Having Liposuction Treatment

  1. Sometimes, fats tend to gather and accumulate under a man’s breast. This is called gynecomastia. However, because of liposuction, these fats can still be removed.
  2. The laser heat used during the procedure helps in stimulating contractions, making your skin look toned and tighter.
  3. In the same way, the heat from the laser helps in sealing your blood vessels, which makes the whole procedure less bloody.
  4. More than anything, having liposuction treatment helps in boosting your confidence. Most people undergo this treatment to help increase self-esteem since one of their insecurities include their body shape or excess fat in the body.
  5. Liposuction is very flexible in such a way that you can choose which specific area in your body you’d want to do the procedure.
  6. There’s no need for intense workouts or diet plans because fat is removed in an instant.

Cons of Having Liposuction Treatment

  1. One of the primary cons of liposuction treatment is that it’s costly.
  2. Some liposuction treatments may only be able to suction a small amount of body fat.
  3. In some cases, doctors require multiple sessions of liposuction to remove body fat accurately.
  4. There might be irregularities when it comes to your skin condition like lesser smoothness and visible pores.
  5. Sometimes, liposuction treatments also result in uneven body shapes.
  6. There will be minimal swelling and bruising a few days or weeks after the procedure. However, there’s nothing to worry about because this is part of the surgery’s downtime.

Wrapping Up
Liposuction treatment is one of the most famous fat removal treatments today. But in spite of all that, liposuction treatment will always have its pros and cons. The effects also wouldn’t last for a long time if you don’t change your lifestyle. For your treatment to be worth it, you have to make a few sacrifices and changes in lifestyle like follow a proper diet plan, eat lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, and exercise regularly.

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