5 Different Cellulite Treatments You Can Try

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a common skin condition both found in men and women, although it is more obvious in women due to the anatomy of their skin.

Cellulite denotes to the dimpling, orange peel appearance on the skin especially around the thighs, hips and buttocks. It is caused by deposits of fat under the skin that shove the connective tissues out of line, creating the bumpy look on the skin.

Even though this is not a life threatening condition, it does interrupt the individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Cellulite developed due to several factors including lifestyle, diet, hormones and physical activities. It requires multiple approaches to effectively deal with cellulite.

Here are 5 different cellulite treatments you can try in the market today.

Laser Therapy

Laser or light therapy is a treatment that can reduce cellulite for a temporary period of time. It is usually mixed with massage of suction treatment to effectively reduce its appearance. This type of treatment requires regular sessions to maintain its effectiveness and can cost you hundreds of dollars.


Caffeine, aminophylline and theophylline are examples of methylxanthines and commonly found in cellulite creams sold in the market. These substances reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking down fat deposits under the skin. Many studies have shown how methyxanthines effectively cut few inches from the thigh. However, it does not serve as a long term solution for cellulite because it cannot provide a constant concentration for a certain period of time.

Massage Treatments

Massage treatment such as Endermologie uses machines and cylinders to help reduce cellulite on the skin. It was first developed in France and has been used until today. The machine will squeeze, stretch and suck the affected area to breakdown fat distribution under the skin.

The treatment usually last between 20-30 minutes per session and you will have to undergo at least 10 sessions to really notice the changes. This treatment is FDA approved because it can effectively remove those unwanted fat cells from the skin. However, the treatment can be expensive.


Collagenase is an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the connective tissues. A study done in 2006 showed that women injected with collagenase have less bumpy skin around their thighs and hips. This is still an experimental treatment and the long term effect of collagenase is still undetermined.

Ionithermie Treatment

Ionithermie works by combining thermal clay, algae and electrical stimuli to detoxify the body at a cellular level. It was developed in France in 1978 to reduce cellulite appearance by targeting the deep layers of the dermis. This cellulite reduction treatment does not provide long term solution for skin, therefore regular session is required to achieve the skin you desire.

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