How to Motivate Yourself to Run on a Rainy Day

When you plan to make running your everyday routine, it is challenging to find ways to motivate yourself. When the weather is out of the ordinary, being rainy, cold, or snowing, motivating yourself to run becomes a mission impossible. So, what are the methods to try a safe and comfortable workout on a rainy day? If you think about running under the rain, the usual running is not a challenge anymore. So, we want to offer you a detailed strategy on how to hit running trails in any weather conditions.

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It is healthy
Outdoor exercises are beneficial. So, when you think about running on a rainy day, remember that you contribute to your immune system. What can be better to motivate yourself than improving your health and rev up your metabolism? So, do not use rainy weather as an excuse to forego workouts. Health is a motivation.

Make a route
The first step to motivate yourself to run in the morning is to visualize your ideal running route. What do you see? You get off your home and start running immediately from the doorsteps, or do you drive to the place? Do you live in the urban district or the countryside? Do you pass neighboring houses, parks, or do you have to run across the downtown? The answer will influence your actual route when it is raining. It is dangerous and downright awful running along the roads when the drivers can hurt you due to limited visibility. Bright neon colors and light reflectors would be a helpful tip on your shopping list. Run against traffic to see the coming cars.

In nasty weather, try to choose off-road trails and make a route according to these changes. Nevertheless, watch your footing and fallen tree branches on the course. Enjoy nature from a safe distance.

Use apps to motivate yourself
Modern mobile applications know how to motivate yourself to workouts. You can install apps to find the ideal route nearby, and another application can help you count miles and calories. You can keep all your jogs and compare the results to motivate yourself for better achievements. Moreover, you can check the weather forecast in advance not to avoid being caught by rain far from the house. Apps can be used for your safety. Upload your medical ID and use a GPS tracker for your close people to know where you are following. Choose the apps suitable for you, and the weather will be just an unpleasant but tolerable factor to consider.

Invent a reward
Our bodies train better when we are expecting the reward. A reward system is not only for little kids. Think of something that will make you feel happier. It can be a new dress, a cup of latte or your best caffeine pills, a chocolate donut, a meeting with friends, or a new episode of your favorite show. Just motivate yourself: ‘You will get it after the run! Do not mind the rain, keep moving’! Make this future reward being your inner sun to brighten the rain outside and stick to it. After you achieve some intermediate goal, you can follow the biggest one and get a more significant reward.

Safety precautions
Running in the rain is a pretty safe activity. Still, before you head out, notify your relatives where you plan to run and when you are going to return. Do not forget about the risk of hypothermia, so choose comfortable, safe clothes and shoes with good traction. Do you run with music moving you ahead? Then do not forget to be careful with the passing cars.

Choose the clothes
Suitable clothing can help to get out your warm sofa a little less daunting. Many athletes choose old shabby clothes when they are expecting to get dirty outside. One of the tips to motivate yourself is that you do not have to look like a dosser. Modern fashion technologies offer lots of clothes for hard weather conditions. Professional runners strongly recommend having a particular pair of waterproof shoes for the rainy weather. Make a special under raining kit, including a rainproof jacket, hat, and joggings. Do not forget about a shoe dryer in case you still get wet. Keep it close to the front door to use immediately when you are back home. Some people use rice and dry newspapers for this purpose, though these methods are not eco-friendly.

Shorten the time
Time is an excellent motivation. Workouts can be different, and you can use frigid days to practice short but quality runs. Your body will get some stress, but a little bit of pressure is a catalyzer a body needs to progress. If you are looking for how to motivate yourself for running, think about short running instead. Though do not run fast, and the tracks can become slippery under the rain.

Join a group running
Social media can become a link between you and the people who are fond of off-road running. Having a running buddy will help you be more organized. Scientists insist that people are more responsible when it comes to the community, not some personal affairs. Finding a crew is a way to motivate yourself. When you let yourself stay at home, you will not play hooky when your friends depend on you. Psychology helps to motivate yourself. Friendly competition is what you need to remain in form for a rainy run and to get extra motivation.

Make long-lasting goals
Everything that we do, we can divide into a path and a goal. Running for pleasure is a path. Running for the result is a goal. Make your seasonal running plan a step to something bigger. Playing the wag will not serve if you want to tag along with an outstanding race soon, or even a set of races. Joining marathon and half-marathon races can motivate yourself to train more steadily even if it is raining. Marathons do not decline due to weather hardships, so train more and do not mind some water coming from the sky office.

Running on a rainy day can be a wonderful opportunity to get aerobic exercise and invest in your health. You have to choose proper clothing and take care of keeping safe and warm. Let the morning ‘runspiration’ be with you. So, lace up your favorite snickers and hit the trails.

Final shot
Have you ever tried running under the rain? Share your experience with us!

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