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I’m Frank Lavario , founder of the Lavario self help programs against addictions. I worked with addicts in three continents, mainly in the US, Germany, Italy and Brazil. I regularly write articles about topics around addictions and psychology.

Interpreting Dreams To Help You Break Unwanted Behaviors

Interpreting Dreams To Help You Break Unwanted Behaviors image

The Most Frequent Dreams And Their Meanings A great number of publications exist about the meaning of dreams and what they want to tell you. When you compare these books and articles you will find many differences and contradictions but some interpretations are the same throughout different cultures and different authors. This doesn’t scientifically mean that they’re 100% right but for sure they are worth taking into consideration if you want to know more about your own dreams. Reflecting upon your dreams can be particularly rewarding when you try to break bad habits such as compulsive behaviors and addictions (smoking, » » » [Read more]