10 Tips To Improving Your Overall Health

It is no mystery eating right and exercising have positive effects on our health. Many of us are perfectly aware of what we are supposed to do, and yet for the majority of the population we seem to keep falling short. As the diagnoses of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer are on the rise, it is time the culture takes a shift to a better way of life.

Can what we eat reduce our risk for such diseases?
There are certainly skeptics in the world that will tell you that you cannot avoid or cure diagnoses such as cancer, but recent studies suggest otherwise. For instance, in a documentary many of us have seen “Forks over Knives” where several individuals were put on a plant based whole foods diet after undergoing various tests measuring their current bill of health. At the end of the study ALL of them had radically improved their test results.

The plant based whole foods diet completely removed diagnoses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer and more from these individuals. Still feeling skeptical? Try it yourself! Not only can eating a plant rich whole foods diet reverse disease, more importantly it can prevent it. Our intricate beautiful bodies are designed to heal and prevent illness ranging from the flu, common colds, to cancer and heart disease. If we feed our bodies the necessary nutrients from whole foods sources, our incredible bodies can prevent and cure!

Exercise for maximum health!
Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise, there are also many positive effects of exercise that often go unnoticed. For instance, did you know there is a direct correlation with how fit someone is and their sex life? You may think this is a racy fact that doesn’t apply to one’s health, however the facts point to quite the contrary. A couple of common diagnoses that can be reduced by a healthy monogamous sex life include but are not limited to prostate cancer, heart attack, and insomnia.

Exercise also plays a major role to our mental health. Studies show that when one exercises regularly, they are happier healthier individuals. Some of the amazing side effects of exercise are reduced stress, improved brain function, sharpened memory, and even preventing cognitive decline. How is that for a list of possible side effects? Certainly sounds better than the side effects listed for the prescriptions we use to treat the diagnoses we are all too familiar with, wouldn’t you agree?

Simple adjustments
Many of us start out the New Year making rigid diet restrictions and exercise routines that rarely make it past March. Instead of taking the approach of losing weight or making restrictive plans, choose to make some minor adjustments that will eventually evolve into health consciousness. Some things we can all do to improve our overall health and wellness are…

Make a meal plan
Making a meal plan is a great way for us to be aware of what we are using to fuel our body. Begin by implementing more fruits and vegetables ranging in color. The color of the food represents the antioxidants present inside; the more you eat the better you will feel and the less you will be ill.

Pack your lunch
As we grow more aware of the effects of food on our health; research has shown that reducing the amount of meat we consume can reduce our likelihood of being diagnosed with a multitude of diseases. Eventually we may want to eat a Vegan/Vegetarian based diet for all of our meals. However, to begin try packing a vegetarian lunch or better yet, whole food snack size meals to enjoy throughout the day. Your body will thank you!

Start your day with healthy choices
Making a meal plan will enforce your desire to make better choices. When planning, start your day off with a healthy option. This will increase your likelihood of continuing your positive choices throughout the day. Your palate will soon adjust, and making these choices will be simply a response to your cravings!

Find healthy alternatives for your favorite foods that are not so good for you
For example, if chocolate is your downfall try having a glass of chocolate almond milk that is packed with nutrients, or even indulge in dark chocolate which has several health benefits of its own! Are you a savory craver? Try indulging in a hummus dip with some vegetables which is sure to satisfy.

Become aware
Increase your knowledge on health and wellness by subscribing to magazines, reading books, or even watching health related documentaries. Knowledge is power!

Hiking with family

Hiking with family

Take a stroll
When you are in need of a break; take a stroll around the office, campus, or neighborhood. Studies also show that taking a break and walking around will not only increase creativity and productivity, but also help burn off calories you may not have otherwise.

Experiments with different exercises
There are many ways other than the traditional gym routine to get in our exercise. Try something outside of the ordinary like enrolling in martial arts classes, paddle boarding, doing a workout video, or even training for a race. Find something YOU enjoy!

Do the obvious
Naturally we tend to gravitate towards a closer parking spot or taking the elevator instead of the stairs. Instead, begin making choices that lead you in the right direction making simple modifications to our everyday routine.

Don’t focus on weight, focus on health!
It is easy to say that we must make a lifestyle change rather than going on a temporary diet exercise routine, but that is theory until we put it into practice. Make a commitment to yourself to take steps in the right direction; you are more likely to stick to something if you have a more permanent purposeful goal.

Choose to be an example
Especially if you have children; choose to be a positive role model for health. Lead others around you to wellness by sharing healthy alternatives, and other health secrets that you use.

In conclusion
In the fast paced world we live in it can be difficult to change our convenient way of life; however it is imperative that we do! Children are now getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, asthma, and obesity all contributed to sadly the role models in their lives. Imagine how much it must hurt a child to be teased at school for being overweight. Furthermore, nutrition and physical activity are also key components to brain functionality, we owe it to ourselves and our children feed our brains so we can be our best. Instead of restricting yourself, choose wellness. If not for you, at least for those you love.

Today’s post was provided by Tara Sloan from OptimalHealthMiami.com. Tara is health nut who enjoys blogging on a variety of health related topics.
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