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Aprilhara D. Nombrado, MD

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Comprehensive eye examination for children, adults, and elderlies. Cataract and Glaucoma screening and microsurgery. Refraction and eye glasses fitting. Treatment of eye problems and eye diseases.

How Screen Time Is Affecting Our Health

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The problem with digital screens is that they emit blue light. Blue light can cause eye strain (prevalent in 91% of adults between the ages of 18-39), damage the retina, and lead to long-term vision problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. Screen time also causes difficulties with sleeping since blue light mimics daylight, which then reduces the amount of melatonin we release. More than 80% of adults use digital screens in the hour before they go to bed, which is problematic. Increased screen time is also linked to some other health conditions, from obesity to diabetes. A study of 50,000 » » » [Read more]

Harvey Siy Uy, MD

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Dr. Harvey Siy Uy is the Medical Director at Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute in Makati City Philippines. He is a cataract, retina, and uveitis specialist.