Top 3 Natural Remedies For Thyroid Disorders

Are you on the look out for natural remedies for Thyroid Disease that is truly effective? If so, read on.

Natural remedy for thyroid is possible by using one of the finest products available in the market and manufactured by companies of long standing and reputation. It keeps you away from drugs which have side effects on your well being in the long run. This in turn saves you money.

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Natural Remedies For Thyroid Disorders – 3 Essential First Steps

When it comes to natural remedies for thyroid disorders, this is what every person seeking effective relief needs to know.

Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Gland

Chronic thyroid problems result in a lack of hormones essential to normal body functions. Absence of these hormones causes fatigue, weight gain, depression, lethargy and a host of other related maladies. The good news is that natural remedies for thyroid problems are readily available.

There are 3 essential first steps for natural remedies for thyroid disorders: 1) Detox/Cleansing, 2) Taking Supplements, and 3) Proper Diet. By following these 3 important steps, you will be able to maximize the effectiveness of your thyroid cures.

Step 1 – Full Body Cleansing

First of all, you must detox and cleanse your body, blood and immune system of the impurities that are all too common in today’s modern diet. Processed foods laced with chemical additives gather in the body and work to suppress the thyroid’s production of hormones.

However you can easily detox your body over 5 to 7 days through a partial fast. Simply limit your diet over this period to drinking unfiltered, non-pasteurized fruit juice like apple juice. No solid food. This should completely purge your body of food chemical and preservatives.

But that’s just the first step…

Step 2 – Important Supplements

Next, add supplements to your diet that are known to stimulate hormone production in the thyroid. Iodine has proven to be the most effective supplement for this. In addition to iodine tablets, both kelp and bladderwack are high in iodine and readily accessible in most health food stores.

Vitamin and mineral supplements rich in vitamins E, B12, and C also help increase the production of hormones in your thyroid. Vitamins supplements are an important part of natural remedies for thyroid disorders.

While you can ingest these vitamins in tablet form, it is even better to take them by eating natural organic greens and cabbages such as kale, brussel sprouts, mustard greens and broccoli. In addition to being great for you, these also help satisfy your hunger.

Now there’s one more important thing you must do…

Step 3 – Eliminate Harmful Foods From Diet

Unfortunately, there are foods that are common in the modern diet that MUST be eliminated in order for your natural remedies for thyroid disorders to work. The following is a partial list:

  • Soft drinks – both regular and diet
  • Aspartame or artificial sweeteners – and foods containing them
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Processed or “junk” food
  • Chemical additives

All of these unnatural, unhealthy “foods” have been shown to either directly or indirectly inhibit hormone production in the thyroid and should be immediately removed from your diet if you want to get better. Your first step was to detox and eliminate them from your body. Do not make the mistake of adding them back in!

Utilizing effective natural remedies for thyroid disorders does not have to be made complex. Just start your plans by following these three essential first steps: 1) body detox, 2) taking supplements, and 3) proper diet. Follow this advice and you’ll be feeling great in no time at all.

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