The Health Benefits of E-bikes

For those who are health conscious, there are many benefits in selecting city e-bikes over the conventional bicycle. E-bikes provide a great balance of using human power with assistance as well. That assistance can be particularly encouraging as a whopping 95% of e-bike riders find exercising easier on an e-bike when compared to traditional bicycles. The important thing to note here, however, is that riding an e-bike should not be considered “cheating” in any way. In comparison to a traditional bike, the assistance received is considered minimal – riders found that they experienced physical effort 95% of the time when riding an e-bike.

E-bikes should definitely be considered as an easier way to stay fit. Much like traditional bicycles, they offer the benefits of improved cardiovascular health, improved aerobic capacity, and good blood sugar control. A recent study from Norway shows that those who ride e-bikes need to exert 22% less energy than those riding traditional bicycles, which is an excellent alternative for those relying on bikes for long distance travel or with limited physical capabilities. Even though less energy is required, the health benefits remain!

The Health Benefits of E-bikes

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