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Conrada Veruasa-Apostol, MD

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Have been doing general surgery since 1988. Sub specialized on reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Underwent training on cosmetic acupuncture for wrinkles, breast augmentation and weight loss in Wangjing Hospiral of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, learned lifestyle medicine for weight management at Harvard Medical School. Does body enhancements such as noselift, lip reduction / augmentation, eyelid surgery, liposuction, dimple creation, chin augmentation, facelift, V-lift / threading, nipple reduction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mesotherapy, stem cell procedures, vaginal repair and other reconstructive surgery like scar revision, ear lobe repair etc. At present, she is also the medical director of The Farm at San Benito where she does lifestyle coaching, psychoemotional clearing, holistic facial rejuvenation, stress relief acupuncture and other holistic stress management.

Lillian Villafuerte, MD, FPDS

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I am a graduate of UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery; I am a Diplomate and Fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society; I do Allergy Skin Test ( Patch test ); Laser Surgery ( CO2; NdYag; Alexandrite; Sciton; Pulsed Dye); Microneedling; Mesoporation; Botox for Wrinkles and Hyperhidrosis; Cryosurgery. I teach Dermatology at the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center and at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.

8 Easy & Effective Solutions To Battle Against Wrinkles

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You are pushing 45, and your daily reflections in the mirror do not interest you anymore. Sagging skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet and blemishes are the repercussions of ageing, and it is impossible to escape these changes. However, by following these tips you could certainly delay their appearance and also reduce them. Use Gentle Strokes Even if you have not started ageing, it is recommended that you treat your skin with tender love and a feather touch. While applying cream, lotions, face wash or anything else, always make sure that you give gentle strokes to your skin, else if the skin » » » [Read more]

Facing severe loss of elasticity in your skin? Can dermal fillers help?

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After a certain age, the skin begins to sag because it loses volume. To boost its elasticity, the elastin and collagen into the skin must be stimulated. A controlled stimulation leads to an improved skin tone. Apart from chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and thermage, women have another option: dermal fillers. Made of Hyaluronic acid (a natural ingredient found in the skin) it can boost the skin’s appearance, and get it back in shape so to speak. Dermal fillers don’t have negative effects or bad reactions because they’re not considered strange to the skin. A better understanding of dermal fillers » » » [Read more]

Simple And Effective Ways To A Healthy And Beautiful Body

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Being beautiful is a piece of work. But it is a rewarding way to love yourself. Beauty of course is not just based on your physical appearance but as cliché as it is, real beauty comes from within. Here are some tips you can follow to achieve a healthy body and exude the beauty you have been dreaming of both inside and out. Get Enough Sleep Getting a good night sleep is one of the most effective way to de-stress yourself and let your body recover its lost energy. Studies also show that a good sleep can help you maintain » » » [Read more]