Stomach Exercises To Decrease Belly Fat In A Week

Stomach Exercises To Decrease Belly Fat In A Week

Get Rid of Belly Fat

People have got addicted into the habit of taking junk foods. This junk food is heavily poised with complex food molecules and indigestible fat which occurs as stray storage in the body. The fat in junk foods we normally take either in the form of burgers, pizzas and ally tasty baked foods provide a stiff resistance to the actions of digestion enzymes and the acids in the body. These fat deposits are then sent to adipose layer of skin tissues around the body mostly in the belly region.

There are few exercises which one can do on a regular basis to keep this problem of stomach fat within limits.

Pilates 100

  • Start by keeping your belly flat and your spine in a neutral position as you do your exercises. You can begin with 50 breaths and then you can build up as you continue.
  • For the reps, you can start with one hundred beats and increase them as you build up
  • Lie down on the back with both arms by the sides, you will then contract the abdominal and bring the knees up to the right angle.
  • Exhale and lift up your head, arms and shoulders off the floor. You will then straighten the legs and then start to beat the arms on an up and down movement as if you are pressing on a heavy spring.
  • Inhale for the five arm beats. You will then exhale for the five arm beats, ensuring that you keep your abdominals contracted all the time and your back must be in contact with your floor throughout.

Pilates Criss-Cross

  • Let your stomach lie flat all the time and then move in a manner that is controlled. When doing this, ensure that you don’t let the hips rock.
  • Make twelve slow reps which will be then followed by a twelve fast sets.
  • Lie down on the back and then bring the knees up into right angle above the hips
  • Place your fingers behind the ears, and then keep the elbows wide then lift the head off.
  • Exhale and peel the left shoulder across the right hip and extend the left leg out
  • You will then inhale back into the center and then exhale and repeat the same move in an opposite direction.

Oblique Roll Back

  • If you have a disc or back problem, then this exercise will not be suitable for you. Start by turning your eyes into the place you want to go in order to help engage correct muscles, and then draw the belly button inside throughout. Never allow your back flattens; make sure you keep natural curve of the belly.
  • Sit up with the knees bent and then squeeze them together with the arms out before you
  • Exhale and then draw the navel into your spine and then roll backwards. Bring the lower ribs towards the hips.
  • Twist into your right and then turn, make sure you sweep the right arm back ending with it behind at a shoulder height.
  • Inhale and then return into the beginning as you repeat on the left.
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