Cosmetic surgery: what you need to know

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more in demand as time goes by, showed by statistics taken from previous year’s data. Despite it becoming more common, and more in demand it is important to know the basics of a procedure that you might be interested in. Or, what you are entitled too if you endure some unsatisfactory results with cosmetic surgery.

Some of the unsatisfactory risk factors of cosmetic surgery can be off-putting, this is why it’s important to understand them – this way you won’t get them unexpectedly. Some of these include bleeding, infection, pain and discomfort, skin graft or flap failure, implant failure, and most obviously some scarring. Even if the risks are not high it important that you are treated with the correct care and not pressured into any surgery you don’t whole-heartedly desire.

Non-invasive procedures seem to be among the highest in demand, things such as fillers, laser hair removal and Botox. However despite appearing as the safer option (being non-invasive) it is often found that there are problems caused from these procedures that are found to be irreversible. The British Association of Dermatologists found that 63% of complications that they saw were results of poorly carried out non-invasive cosmetic work. This number is so high purely due to the fact that no qualifications are needed to administer Botox, this means that it can be done in places such as clinics, beauty parlors, at hairdressers – or even at home. There is a call for legislation to make it illegal to administer such treatments without a license to do so, in the interest of public safety. Find out more about cosmetic surgery in the infographic below that was created by cosmetic surgery compensation claims solicitors Blackwater Law.

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

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