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He is a physician, researcher, writer and expert on the use of medical information technologies. After graduating with a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College, he received his medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He completed residency training in Internal Medicine at Washington University and the University of Arizona, followed by a residency in Dermatology at Oregon Health and Sciences University. He is the founder and Executive Director of U.S. Healthcare, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing and defending the rights and responsibilities of, and limitations on, the major participants in the U.S. healthcare system.

Stupid Guideline Tricks: Am I Fat Enough, Yet?

Stupid Guideline Tricks: Am I Fat Enough, Yet? image

Thinking is hard work. This is why so few people bother. At least voluntarily. So whenever it seems like the threat of brainwork looms in modern American medicine, we can thank our lucky stars for the geniuses behind healthcare “reform” and guidelines of care. This comes up as a result of a conversation that I had with a patient the other day. A pleasant, obese gentleman. He had been struggling with his weight and Type II diabetes for some time, and there were now some early indications of some potentially serious long-term complications. He mentioned to me that he was » » » [Read more]