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Dennis G. Lusaya, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Dennis G. Lusaya, MD, FPUA, FPCS image

Dr. Dennis G. Lusaya is a certified urologist. He is highly skilled in ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrostolithotomy (PCNL), mini-PCNL and microvascular reconstruction of surgically obliterated vas (Vasectomy reversal {VV or EV}).

Dexter L. Masongsong, MD, DPBO

Dexter L. Masongsong, MD, DPBO image

I have been practicing General Ophthalmology (Cataract Surgery, Microsurgery, and Laser) for 12 years now. Graduated medicine in Cebu Doctors’ College of Medicine, and had my residency training in Cebu City Medical Center. Presently I am an active consultant and the Chief of Clinics in Medical Center of Digos Cooperative. I am a visiting consultant in Davao Doctors’ Hospital, Metro Davao Medical & Research Center, Digos Doctors’ Hospital, Gonzales-Maranan Medical Center, Dominican Hospital and Sunga Hospital.