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Jeffrey B. Montes, RMT, MD, DPBRM, FPARM

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Graduate of Rehabilitation Medicine Residency Program and Prosthetics & Orthotics Post Residency Program, University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital Certified Basic Wheelchair Provider, World Health Organization and Latter Day Saints Charity Certified Intermediate Wheelchair Provider, Latter Day Saints Charity; freelance wheelchair provider for Freedom Technology Wheelchair Foundation Incorporated and other wheelchair Provide postural support devices among persons with Neuro Musculoskeletal Health Conditions for lying and sitting to improve posture and to reduce occurrence of body distortions and deformities Assistant professor of Medical Technology and Physical Therapy programs Specialty: Physical And Rehabilitation Medicine Local Board Accreditation: Fellow, Philippine Academy » » » [Read more]

Available Treatments For Repetitive Stress Injury

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Like the commonly known ailments, there are several treatments for repetitive stress injury. Below are some options that you can choose from to treat your strained muscle. 1. Rest Stop whatever you are doing that caused your condition. Of course it is impossible to stop working, so the best thing to do is take some break from your tasks. Relax for a bit. If you can’t do it while at work, then visit a massage therapist once in a while. Massage has long been known as a therapeutic technique that manipulates the soft tissues of the body. It provides calming » » » [Read more]