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Roel Sengco Tolentino, MD

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I am a general surgeon-surgical oncologist. My expertise is in cancer surgery but I also able to practice my general surgery skills. I also have a Master in Business Administration degree. I am a Level IV (highest) Surgery Professor in one of the medical schools in Manila. Aside from being a doctor, I am an International business, leadership and personality coach. I am a health and business educator and I were invited in TV and radio programs.

Christine Sagpao, MD

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Our specialty is actually radiation oncology. We give radiation to treat the patients’ malignancy (cancer) together with other specialists (example, medical and surgical oncologist). Specialty: Radiology Subspecialty: Radiation Oncology Clinic Address & Schedule: UP-Philippine General Hospital Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila 1000 Philippines Phone: (0922) 812 6490 Social Network: LinkedIn

David Y. Dy, MD

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SURGICAL ONCOLOGIST: Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer. Also has expertise in the use of gene therapy and other innovative techniques in the treatment of advanced cancers.