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Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. They are often called internists. They are especially skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.

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  • Reiner John S. Villafuerte, MD

    Reiner John S. Villafuerte, MD

    Cancer Specialist in Rizal. Fellowship training in Medical Oncology at UST Hospital. Residency training in Internal Medicine at The Medical City. 3 years experience working as Clinical Associate at National Cancer Centre Singapore

  • Jennifer Jeanne Vicera, MD

    Jennifer Jeanne Vicera, MD

    Dr. Jennifer Jeanne Vicera is a certified internist – cardiologist at University of Santo Tomas Hospital in Sampaloc, Manila Philippines.

  • Thelma D. Crisostomo, MD

    Thelma D. Crisostomo, MD

    I am Thelma Crisostomo, Internist, Endocrinologist. I graduated from UST Medicine Class ’79. Took my residency in internal medicine and fellowship in Endocrinology from Makati Medical Center. I am in the practice of Endocrinology and internal medicine for 33 years.

  • Joy Arabelle C. Fontanilla, MD

    Joy Arabelle C. Fontanilla, MD

    I practice endocrinology which includes seeing patients with G.O.O.D. problems (Goiter or thyroid disorders, Obesity, Osteoporosis and Diabetes). My particular clinical and research interests are diabetes, weight management, clinical nutrition, cholesterol disorders and hypertension.

  • Richard Q. Arellano, MD

    Richard Q. Arellano, MD

    Expertise in Digestive Endoscopy (Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy), Gastrointestinal Diseases such as acid-related conditions (GERD, gastritis & peptic ulcer disease); Liver (viral hepatitis A, B & C, fatty liver dse., alcohol-related, cirrhosis & mass); Pancreas (acute/chronic pancreatitis & mass); Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, etc.

  • Victor Jose D. Villareal, MD

    Victor Jose D. Villareal, MD

    I am an internist with special focus on management of diabetes including education and its treatment and its complications. I do interviews for diabetes education on local media.

  • Dennis Mark N. Santos, MD

    Dennis Mark N. Santos, MD

    Dr. Dennis Mark N. Santos is an internist – pulmonologist at UST Legazpi Hospital in Albay Philippines.

  • Dax Ronald Obach Librado, MD

    Dax Ronald Obach Librado, MD

    Practicing Adult Medicine and focuses in Primary Care Medicine. As an Assistant Professor, I am also part of the academe in the College Of Medicine.

  • Ma. Marylaine Dujunco, MD

    Ma. Marylaine Dujunco, MD

    Board certified Thomasian physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy

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